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“Long Island Marriage Counseling – How Fear Can Effect the Marriage

Everyone knows that the best way to have a great marriage is to speak up about one’s thoughts and feelings, wishes and desires, right? Well, many people agree but few actually do communicate that openly. Why? FEAR

Fear is the label for an emotional experience that occurs when we think about the future and dread what might happen and how we will feel as a result.

Example: At the Long Island Marriage Counseling Center, a woman came in distraught. Her husband was lying to her, abusing her with words and ignoring her at times. She felt anxious, hopeless, helpless and worthless.

I helped her to find her center and feel good about herself. She got to that point with a lot of help. Then we focused on her husband. She figured out how to stand up to him and say no. That changed some of the patterns in the relationship. And she learned how to speak to him without getting all emotional Instead, she just told him what she expected. She stopped doing whatever he wanted, and told him how disappointed she was when he did not do what she needed. He got the message and evolved over a few months. The marriage stayed together.

Amazingly, it is not that difficult to create change in yourself that can effect the other. The first step though is to recognize that you can change your own patterns.

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