Long Island Marriage Counseling – Parenting As Part of the Marriage Problem

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“Long Island Marriage Counseling – Parenting as Part of the Marriage Problem

One of the key issues couples bring to the Marriage Counseling Center is the children. Often there is a divide about how to parent. Usually one of the couple is in favor of more limits and discipline. The other is in favor of more leniency and love.

Each parent in the marriage believes deeply that they are right. Each thinks that the other’s methods will hurt the child. Often there is a wall up a mile thick between them. And often this issue represents the parents’ inability to work out differences in the marriage. What to do?

I get rapport with each of the parents and then use authority to resolve the issue. I bring up a classic set of studies in the field of Psychology. Dr. Diana Baumrind in her research with colleagues tested thousands of parents and their young children. She followed them for years until the children grew up. She discovered that the children whose parents both set firm limits and gave lots of love were on the average far more successful as adults than the parents who were too strict or too lenient in the marriage.

These findings are available for anyone to look at, yet most people do not know of them. They are pretty impressive. My marriage counseling clients listened carefully and took the results seriously.
After all, they both loved their children and wanted to do the best for them. For the first time, these two parents began to work together for the benefit of their children. The marriage entered a new phase of cooperation.

From Dr. Kramer – Give me a call now at 631-553-1476 to make an appointment or email me at Marriage Counseling Long Island.

Warmly, Diane

Dr. Diane Kramer, Marrriage Counselor and Psychologist
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